Total Scans: 17,102 Total Sets: 158 Coming Soon: 1998 Fleer Update

Thank you for visiting. I have been collecting cards for over 25 years and one of my favorite things to do is to go through sets and just look at the cards. The pictures on the fronts combined with the stats and text on the back tells a great story and provides a unique and fun experience.

My goal in creating this site is to share a bit of that fun in digital form. I have scanned a number of sets and provided them here for your viewing pleasure. You will find a far from exhaustive list of sets, mostly traded, update, rookie, small boxed, and team issued sets. It's a bit of a eccectic mix, but hopefully you'll enjoy your visit. I've provided large scans to make viewing easier, and a checklist for each set.

Please check back often for updates and if you find this site useful, shoot me an email to let me know.

New Feature Added! Hover the mouse cursor over the baseball icon () next to each set for notes and key cards in each set.